Love the salads, pizza,be super cheap cheese burger basket, the pasta is bomb too...n the staff are cool with me....my fav spot

I Called to order a pizza and first time I was put on hold then hung up on second time they said hold on again and hung up 3rd time I'm like yo I'm just tryna order a pizza the girl in there is rude and ratchet if I wasnt so close I'd go some where else rite now yall running a business act like it

Came here while car was being repaired and had no other options. Had pizza slice (threw out due to super greasy) & cheese burger.  

The prices were. 2.50 for the pizza (not recommended) and 3.50 for the burger. 

Staff are nice but the food is medicore.

Grilled chicken salad:  great salad, nicely grilled chicken, large.
Veggie wrap:  really good veggies nicely grilled and wrapped.
I'll mention it because others have had different experiences:  the staff was nice to me and asked questions to be sure that the order was how we wanted (which veggies, cheese, and dressings).

First time visitor here! I have only had the chicken wings, and they were excellent. HUGE and  perfectly crispy with just the right amount of spicy sauce. My children had their crispy wings (plain) and ate every single one clean. The parking situation on a Friday evening was heinous and there were many patrons waiting for their food. Call ahead for pickup! Lots of standing room for patrons.

Sun's salads are awesome. The salad is huge and can be used for a second meal if you don't dump the dressing on. The salads consist of a Spring mix with many veggie toppings. I always get the grilled chicken with feta and Greek vinaigrette. I ordered a veggie pizza pie, and it was delicious. I don't get the individual slices, but the kids who come to my work always order from Sun's and bring a couple slices with them.

Love the pizza n chicken haven't been disappointed by the subs either. Good food good price. Under new management and Im very happy with them.

one of my fav spots to get pizza from
i grew up off this stuff
they got my vote im still alive and well